DeNada is an emerging accessories line, specializing in simple yet, timeless handmade knits for women and men. DeNada is the vision of its founder, Virginia Arrisueño, who in spring 2005 sought to blend contemporary styles with ethnic elements to offer stylish yet high-quality merchandise. DeNada products can be found at select retailers worldwide. To view collection, visit Our Tumblr is here to keep you, our followers, in the know about DeNada updates and events. We really hope you enjoy this photographic stroll through what fashion trends, patterns, pieces of art, music and film inspire our design process.

It is true DeNada has been busy with tons of new and exciting changes, but no one, not even this team, could do it alone.  In an effort to make the face of the product match the actual product, DeNada turned to Milagros Arrisueño and Gilah Press + Design.

Milagros is a talented graphic designer in the DC Metropolitan area. She is also the sister of our founder and designer, Virginia Arrisueño. Milagros lead the entire redesign initiative, and we are very grateful and appreciative of her hard work and design skills.

Gilah Press + Design is a boutique letterpress and design studio located in Baltimore, MD.  They are “disciplined graphic designers… also masters of the centuries-old form of letterpress printing.” Believe us, it is true. You can find out more about Gilah Press+ Design at

Thank you both, so very much, for the time and effort you put into helping DeNada grow, you have exceeded our expectations and we love the new look!

Here are a few samples of the amazing work these talented folks created. Tell us what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!

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